September 10, 2012

Chicken Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Many weeks back I was sitting around the table during lunch with my kids and the topic of birthday parties came up.  Nathan's birthday was the next in line so the kids were asking him what kind of party he wanted.  Did he want a pirate party?  A train party? Muppets? Cars?  He listened quietly and then sat up and said "I know!  I know!  A chicken party!!"  Seriously, is it any wonder this child is my favorite? That is, of course, if parents had favorite children, which they don't, but he might be high on the list if there was such a list,  but of course I don't have a favorite.

For the next month Nathan told people that he was going to have a chicken party and he's been very excited about it.  I started looking around on the internet to get some ideas.

Turns out that not many people have chicken themed parties.  Weird.

Here are some of the things we came up with for our chicken baby's chicken party.

We started with a rousing game of "Duck, Duck, Chicken", but it was hard for the new 3 year old to remember to say "chicken" instead of "goose".

We followed that with a round of "Musical Nests".  Turns out this isn't a great game to play with a 3 year old.  He didn't see why he had to sit out and why someone else was sitting on his "nest", so we abandoned it and instead just danced the chicken dance.  The kids liked that a lot.

Next we did an "egg and spoon" race with some plastic eggs.  The kids got in 2 lines and we did it relay style.  Funnily, my 3 year old dropped the egg fewer times than my 9 year old.  He's got skills.

The last game we did was "hatch the egg".  I had put some little erasers inside some white balloons and the kids had to sit on them and pop the balloons to get them out.

We then had chicken cake and ice cream.

I had found a really cute chicken cake I tried to copy from here, and as you can see, I didn't make it nearly as cute.  It looked like she had used coconut to make her chicken look fluffy.  I do not like coconut, so I tried using grated white chocolate.  It's okay.  I also made a chocolate chicken cake, just because.

As our cousins left, Nathan passed out the chicken party bags.  The party bags had a cookie, some chicken feed (candy corn), some farm foam stickers, and an egg shaker which I had originally planned to have the kids shake to music during the party.

Some other chicken games we had thought of but didn't end up playing include:

hiding easter eggs and having kids find them and put them in the nest

doing scratch art

tossing (candy) corn into a chicken cutout mouth

playing "fox and chickens"


  1. You've got mad skills with your cake and cookies!! Someday I will be just like you. :)

  2. Chicken birthday party in interesting for me and your birthday cake is superb. I like your idea.

  3. What a fun party!! The cake turned out precious!

  4. What?! People around the world aren't having chicken-themed parties? That IS crazy!

    I love it. You are the queen of parties Erin. I'm so sad we won't be around this fall to reap the benefits :).

  5. You did great coming up with ideas to go with the chicken theme. Great cake!

  6. The chicken theme is brilliant, I wish I could still get away with such wonderful party ideas. My children are a bit bigger now and I don't really get a say, my little one wants a snowboarding party!!! He's going to be six

  7. What a cute & original party! Your cake looks amazing and I LOVE your hatch an egg idea -so CLEVER!! I am featuring this at TGIF this upcoming Friday =-) Thanks for linking up & have a GREAT weekend,
    Beth =-)

  8. That is amazing. You are the party queen.

  9. It was really great of Nathan to come up with the idea of doing the Chicken-themed party. :D I find it so unique and cute that it was just a random idea. But how you managed to carry out the theme in every bit of the party is amazing. From the games, to the cake and ice cream, and the treats, which you called chicken feeds! I’ve never thought a Chicken Party would be a good and flexible idea. Congrats and belated Happy Birthday! :D

  10. That cake is adorable! It looks like her had a great time too!

  11. My (almost) 2 year old daughter is in love with chickens, and I came across your blog looking for ideas for her chicken party. I am also confused why this isn't more of a thing. Thank you for the ideas!

  12. Thanks for these ideas! We have recently got backyard heritage chickens and my now turning 7 year old wanted a chicken party! See, it's a thing! We are also playing chicken poop bingo and pin the beak on the chicken. One mom RSVP'd with "I don't know what a chicken party is, but we are in!"

  13. Love it! What did you use for the beaks and feet on the cake?

  14. So happy to know I'm not alone! My almost 3 year old is obsessed with a Chicken Party!! He even wanted to buy Daddy a chicken for Christmas! I thought he was way off base and was getting me concerned, glad it happened to you too. thx for the tips!

  15. My soon to be five year old daughter just asked for a chicken birthday party. Thanks for sharing this!


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