July 23, 2013

5 Little Hot Dogs

In honor of National Hot Dog Day, I give you one of our favorite chants.  You've probably heard of "5 little monkeys" and "5 green and speckled frogs", but have you ever heard of "5 little hot dogs"? I hadn't until my wonderful mother-in-law introduced us.  In addition to helping the kids learn to count backwards, it's just lots of fun.  The kids especially love yelling out the "BAM" at the end.

For your viewing pleasure:

(In case you can't see the video, or can't understand what they're saying)
5 little hot dogs, frying in a pan
The grease got hot and one went "Bam"!

4 little hot dogs, etc . . . 

3 little hot dogs, etc . . .

2 little hot dogs, etc . . . 

1 little hot dog, etc . . . 

(slower, with a sad voice)
No more hot dogs, frying in a pan.
The grease got hot and the pan went "BAM"!!

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