December 30, 2012

Unique Christmas Cards - The Doll Family

On the years we get around to sending out Christmas Cards, we also like to send out a letter about things our family has done the past year.  Typically, we try to think of some unusual presentation of the facts. I think this year's theme was probably the most ridiculous one yet.

My original idea hit me one night while I was lying in bed.  I thought "wouldn't it be funny to send out a blank piece of paper with just a QR code on it that people would scan to be taken to a video card or something?" I laughed at myself as I fell asleep, because sometimes I just think I'm hilarious.  When I shared the idea with Jason a few days later, he mostly liked it, except for the fact that a lot of people we send cards to probably don't have scanners on their phones or know what a QR code is.  We then decided we should present ourselves as some sort of product, since usually you see QR codes on product packaging or advertisements.  Hence we became a family of dolls, which came with accessories from things we did during the year.

We started with a picture of us posing as dolls.  The title at the top had our family name in bold letters with "2012 limited edition" to the side.  Around the picture were captions that said things like "New and Improved (not)", "Same Characters, New Home!" and "They're the dolls you love to make fun of".  To the side of the picture we had the QR code with the words "Scan this QR code for more product information" and the code took them to the "Family Highlights 2012" video I posted a couple of weeks ago on the blog.

I couldn't figure out how to get the whole card on here, but here's some of the text from it:

You will love playing with this brand new set of dolls!! Dolls come packaged in their beautiful new home. Each doll speaks its own catchy catchphrase and comes with several accessories from 2012 for minutes of pretend play fun!!!!! 

Accessories include:

Jason (old):
  • certificate of recognition for completing his fellowship
  • sports equipment to play with his kids outside
  • books to help him complete his Masters in Public Health
  • UK championship T-shirt 
“Is it morning already? Again?”

Erin (ageless):
  • choir folders 
  • computer so she can work on her blog and other projects while ignoring kids
  • homeschooling books
  • extra set of eyes in the back of her head
“I am not a garbage can.”

Maren (age 10, 4th grade):
  • a new backpack to take to her new performing arts school! 
  • a violin, a piano, and a sewing machine
  • report card with all As
  • “Who” outfit from Seussical Jr. performance last spring
  • Actually Cries! (just add teasing)
“Do you have any new books for me?”

Joshua (age 8, 2nd grade):
  • a piano 
  • basketball, soccer ball, baseball, and gymnastics mats
  • “Max the dog” costume from “Seussical Jr.” performance
  • hammer and nails for building things
  • baptism outfit for end of December
“I barely touched him!”

Christopher (age 5 3/4, K):
  • all sorts of sports equipment 
  • TV and Wii
  • Walking boot for his left foot to help heal from Kohler’s disease
  • puzzles, which he is very good at putting together
  • bendable arms clasp together for real hugging action!
“That’s too hard.”

Nathan (age 3 1/4):
  • rulers that can be both swords and drumsticks
  • pens and crayons for drawing on walls, floors, and furniture
  • toys from his brothers’ and sister’s rooms
  • Really Poops! (everywhere but in the potty)
“Can I have a cheese stick?”

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  1. I think your letter this year was cute! You are such an inspiration! :)

  2. Hilarious! I love the picture and the product descriptions equally. (Jason looks just like the Ken doll.) The only item that threw me for a loop was Christopher's boot for Koeler's disease. Whah? I'm going to have to look that one up and get more information from you.

    1. Ok, I looked it up online and read up on it (and realized I had spelled it wrong, oops). This makes me sad for cuddly little Christopher. I hope the pain hasn't been too much and that he is healing well. I didn't even notice the boot in the picture, but just saw that yup, it's there.


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