September 16, 2014

A Fun Way to Teach the Names of Music Notes

Christopher needs help with his music lessons. He has had such a hard time memorizing the names of the notes on the staff. I decided to play a little game with him.

I drew a staff on a piece of paper. Drawing lines on either side of the ruler made perfectly spaced lines for our purposes. I added a treble clef. 

We reviewed the note names. Christopher whined and complained about having to practice his notes.  Then I pulled out a bag of mini Oreos. Interest immediately increased. Turns out mini Oreos make perfect little notes.

I asked him to put the Oreo on a note. He'd think for a bit, put it on, and if it was right he got one point. When he made a mistake, his score went back to 0. He had to get 5 points in a row in order to get to eat the Oreo. Then we'd pull out a new Oreo and start again. 

He did not get tired of this game. He wanted to keep playing and eating Oreos, but I had to cut him off for the sake of his health. By the end of our session, he knew the notes really well.  Now we can start on the bass clef tomorrow. 

I hope this post is helpful to you in teaching your kids music! I'd love for you to follow along and share! 


  1. Great idea! I'll have to see if there's something else I can use. ;)

  2. So fun! I ran across this website the other day and I've been using her games with my students and they LOVE them! I like the fact they're quick and easy to make and quick and easy to play! But, they do not have mini-oreos. Those are a must have. :)


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