July 1, 2014

Middle Grade Books recommended by Maren

Hello friends! For Maren's typing practice this summer, I am making her blog with me. :) She is going to suggest books for kids, ages 9-12. I have not read all of these books, so I can't vouch for all of them, but she is really good about putting down a book if she's uncomfortable with it, so I'm guessing all these books are pretty benign.  I hope you enjoy her suggestions and find something new to read for you or your child!

(Also, I let Maren be in charge of designing her post picture, FYI)

Books for Tweens
By Guest Poster Maren

Hi! My name is Maren. I’m 11 years old and going into 6th grade. I love to read and have since I was little. I’m going to share some books with you that I think other kids will like too. All these books are good for kids my age. (This wasn’t my idea - my mom is making me do it for summer school.)

There are many mysteries in history, and the lost city of Atlantis is one of them. In this book a logical explanation, if filled with magic and mythical creatures, is presented for the disappearance of Atlantis to 13 year old Jack McKinley, who is going to die in 6 months because of a gene he inherited from his ancestors, the rulers of the lost city of Atlantis. Kids who like sci-fi books will enjoy this book.

RUMP by Liesl Shurtliff
Everybody knows the story of Rumpelstiltskin. However, the story focuses mostly on the miller’s daughter. There is not much said about Rumpelstiltskin, leaving questions about the little man who saved the miller’s daughter at a huge price. Rump tells a traditional story from Rumpelstiltskin’s point of view. Kids who like books like The Lightning Thief or other books that add a twist to traditional myths and tales will enjoy this book.

RUBY HOLLER by Sharon Creech
Orphan twins Dallas and Florida, nicknamed the Trouble Twins, are shuttled from foster home to foster home, each home torture. Finally, Sairy and Tiller, two grandparents who needed companions for their trips to far off places, take them in temporarily.  As Dallas and Florida grow to trust Sairy and Teller, they learn what a real family is. Kids who like realistic fiction will like this book.

LAWLESS by Jeffrey Salane
When I was younger, my brothers and I would play spy, hiding in the kitchen where my mom and dad were talking, dressed in black and carrying homemade spy gadgets and ID cards. This book made me want to pull stunts like the girl in this book, an ordinary girl who attends a school for criminals. Her world is just about turned upside down when she battles for control of a device that could destroy the world and the question is raised- whose side is she on?

SKY JUMPERS by Peggy Eddleman
I have always liked books about the future, like this book. It really makes you wonder about the future- what will change, what will be the same, and what will be new. Kids who like sci-fi books and books about the future will enjoy this book.

In this book, Alcatraz (The boy, not the prison) is thrust into a world of magical glasses and long-lost relatives with special powers. Alcatraz is an orphan thrust upon foster family after foster family. Things tend to break when he is around, so he is never in one place for long. Kids who like Fiction will like this book, and you might not look at librarians the same again. 

THE CANDY SHOP WAR by Brandon Mull
The Candy Shop War is set in a modern, everyday town. An everyday town full of magic candy, wizards, secret treasures, and more. When 4 ordinary kids visit the new candy shop, they discover a whole new world of magic. Kids who enjoy fantasy (and candy) will enjoy this book.

That's all for now! I'll be back later in the summer (unfortunately) with more book suggestions!


  1. Thanks for the great recommendations Maren! I'll tell Jack and Andrew about these books. I love your banner picture!

  2. Great job, Maren! I'm having Sam pick his next book from your recommendations.

  3. Good job Maren! I am always looking for good books that Gabe might like. I think we will give a couple of these a try. Keep up the good work!

    1. Oh yeah- this is from Katy Creasman. Just so you know!

    2. (This is Maren) Thanks guys! Mom might have made me do this, but I had fun, especially making the picture :)


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