July 18, 2013

What We're Reading - 1st half of Summer 2013

Holy Chicken! It's already the middle of July! I hate that the summer goes by so quickly.  I am loving having the kids home with lots of time to read and play.  So far, Maren has read over 50 books for a total of about 14,000 pages.  Joshua has read less, but Maren is a freaky fast reader.  So far, some of the favorite books of the summer are as follows:

Maren (age 10, going into 5th grade):
Our Only May Amelia and it's sequel
Lord of the Rings trilogy (she is finishing up Return of the King now)
Sisters Grimm
Brotherband Chronicles
The Ruby Key
Silver Door

Joshua (age 8, going into 3rd grade):
Little League: Play Ball!
How to train your Dragon
The Guardian of Ga'hoole Series
Key to the Treasure
Encyclopedia Brown

Christopher (age 6, going into 1st grade):
to read alone:
Any Fly Guy book
Any Elephant and Piggie book
The Spooky Old Tree
Green Eggs and Ham
to listen to:
any book about science (especially floods and storms)

Nathan (age 3, into everything):
to listen to:
Five Little Monkeys swinging in the tree
Duck on a Bike
Who Pretends?
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean

I just read the 3rd Beyonders book, and it was pretty easy/fun/good.
Also read "The Thief" by Megan Whalen Turner and the 3 books that follow it (Thanks for the recommendation Christina!)
Candy Shop War (we did this one for the kids book club)
The Rithmatist (I pretty much like everything I read by Brandon Sanderson)

What have you read lately?

some good looking bookworms


  1. Yeah! I'm glad you read them. Now I'm wondering if you actually liked them :).

    1. Yes! I did like them. I wouldn't have read the whole series if I hadn't. :) Any other suggestions? (as long as their not graphic novels ;))


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