December 30, 2012

Joshua's Baptism

In our church, turning 8 years old is significant because then the child is old enough to be baptized if they so choose.  We believe at age 8, a child is mature enough to know right from wrong and be accountable for their choices.  (For a more detailed explanation of our beliefs, click here.)

Whenever we would talk about baptism with the kids when they were little, Maren would talk about how excited she was to be baptized when she turned 8, and Joshua would always say he wasn't getting baptized until he was 25, which we said was fine. It was his choice and we weren't going to push it, but we would still talk about the importance of baptism and what a blessing the gift of the Holy Ghost has been in our lives (which is given by the laying on of hands after baptism).

When he turned 7, we gave him his own set of scriptures and encouraged him to read them before he turned 8 and he could get baptized (if he wanted to of course).  I was so happy when he decided he wanted to get baptized at 8 after all!  I knew it would bless his life.

On December 23rd, we had a simple service with family and friends at the church and it was perfect.  Grandma Pam talked about Baptism and Grandma Liz talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Grandpas offered prayers. Maren and Christopher sang the first verse of "Choose the Right" at his request. Joshua was baptized by his father who has authority through the priesthood which he holds. Here are some pictures from the day.

before the baptism
 Afterwards. Aren't they handsome?

So glad to have family there with us

It was a wonderful day and Joshua was beaming.  I could see how happy he felt inside for making this covenant with God.  Thanks to all who came.

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