October 29, 2013

Picture Book Idea Month

Have you ever thought of writing picture books for children?   If so, you might want to check out Picture Book Idea Month over at Tara Lazar's blog.  The challenge is to write down 30 ideas for picture books during the month of November, and each day on her blog Tara has a guest poster write something inspirational, or give tips and ideas, etc. . . There are also prizes to be won.  This is the 2nd year I'm participating.  I might have lost the list I made last year, which just shows you how great my organizational skills are, but this year I'm going to write them down on the computer.  Much harder to lose that way. I hope.

If you're interested, you should head over there and sign up! 


  1. Hey, I didn't know you did it last year, too! We must have been like ships in the night. Fun seeing you in the Facebook Group.

    1. Yes, but I mostly was lurking since I didn't have any picture books written yet. This year I'm a bit more prepared. :)



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