January 25, 2012

Hyperblast App and Magic of Learning App Review

I love my iPad for several reasons, one of which is all the fun educational games my kids can play.  But there are so many apps out there that sometimes it is hard to know which ones to get.  A few months back I had reviewed the jumpstart.com website, and they contacted me again asking if I had heard of their apps, and would I like to review a couple.  I had not heard of them, and was glad to check them out!

The first game is called Hyperblast.  It is one of the games from their mathblaster.com website, except since it's on the iPad, you tilt the screen to move around instead of using the keyboard.

You can customize the level of difficulty for your child, choosing which math operations are used and what numbers.  All my kids can play this game on different levels.

When the kids get to one of the math aliens, they answer the questions to earn more blasts.

The kids love playing this game.  They think it's a lot of fun to tilt and blast their way through bombs and obstacles.

My one complaint about the game is that I think it could do a better job of reinforcing math skills. When you get to the math alien, and your answer to the equation is wrong, it goes on to the next problem without letting you know what the correct answer was.  It would be much better if the correct answer was shown, and the child was made to touch the correct answer before going on to the next problem.  My 4 year old likes to play the game, and when he gets to the math alien, he just randomly touches numbers until the math alien disappears and he goes on playing.  He hasn't earned any more blasts, but he doesn't care.  I think if they fixed this aspect of the game, it would be great instead of just good.

The other game I was asked to review was the Jumpstart Magic of Learning app for Preschoolers.

This app has a variety of games kids can play.  The games teach colors, shapes, letters, and math skills, like sorting and counting.

matching letters

shortest to longest

This game is a good one to play with your preschoolers. It's not one mine can do on his own yet,  because he's not able to read and choose the correct level of play for himself, but he loves playing it with me.

I could only think of one complaint in this app, and that is that in the matching games the animals disappear.  I guess the thought was that it would be more fun, more of a game, if the kids had to think fast and touch the animal with the right card before it left the screen, but this was just frustrating for my son.  They actually do disappear rather slowly, and it wouldn't be an issue if the child already knew the answer. But my son is at a point where we need to talk through the cards together so I can help him figure out which one it is, and then when he finally decides on one, but then the card hides so he can't touch it, it's a bit frustrating for him.  This was more of an issue for the math matching, matching numbers to correct number of items on a card (because he didn't have time to count all the cards) than the letter matching games.

So now you know about two great apps for your kids.  What are your favorite apps?

Disclosure:  I was given the Hyperblast App and Jumpstart Magic of Learning App for free to review.   The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.  

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