July 5, 2010

C is for Carnival

For our "summer school" this year, I decided to do an alphabet theme, since I've kind of been ignoring Christopher's education and it's about time he learned his letters. Each day (supposedly) the activites have been based around the letter of the day. We start by making a letter card and drawing pictures of the things that start with that letter. I hang them on the wall to display, and when the summer's done I'm planning on laminating them and making an alphabet book for Christopher. I especially love Christopher's drawing of his Aunt Angela. The kids loved thinking of things to do for each day. For C day they insisted we have a carnival and invite our friends over to play. We planned simple games, like shoot the stack of cups over with a spray bottle, bounce the ball into the glass, water balloon toss, and then we ate clown ice cream cones.
(sorry the picture is so badly back-lit.)
We had to have donuts for D day, and invisible ink on I day, and it's been lots of fun playing with the kiddos.

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